Hayao Miyazaki and The Ghibli Museum

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The Ghibli Museum is studded with many long-standing thoughts of director Hayao Miyazaki. This book introduces its charm in a two-volume set.

Of the two volumes, “Creating a Museum” begins with an entrance that fascinates children, and there are many images of how the interior of the building, video exhibition room, permanent exhibition, cafe, etc. were considered and created. It is drawn with a board and a sketch.

Twenty years after its opening, many attractive exhibitions were held and many visitors came. In “Creating a special exhibition”, we will clarify behind the scenes toward the realization of the 13 themes that Director Miyazaki was deeply involved in from a huge number of pictures and memos.

■ Each volume composition

◆ “His image board for making museums, sketch collection”
・ What was the basis of Hayao Miyazaki’s creation
・ Create a museum like a movie
Think about the whole and the details of the building at the same time
How to show “until animation”
Think about what to put and create a stage
Commitment to detail leads to the whole
Museum design through trial and error
Ideas that didn’t come true
・ The beginning of the Ghibli Museum
・ Until the Ghibli Museum is built
I wanted to create a museum like a spectacle hut <Interview with Hayao Miyazaki>
The Ghibli Museum was born with the efforts of many people involved <Interview with Toshio Suzuki>
・ Plate

◆ “His history of creating a special exhibition from 2001 to 2020”
・ Hayao Miyazaki Feelings for the exhibits
・ Laputa Castle in the Sky and Machines of Fantasy Science Exhibition
・ Heidi, Girl of the Alps Exhibition ~ The work of its creators ~
・ Introduce a friend from England.
“Aardman” Exhibition
・ 3 Biki no Kuma ~ A special story that can’t be made into a movie ~
・ Ghibli Forest Eiga Exhibition-Welcome to the Saturn Constellation-
・ “What the illustrations gave us” Exhibition-The origin of popular culture-
・ Nutcracker Doll and Mouse King Exhibition ~ Fairytale Treasure ~
・ Welcome to the Ghost Tower Exhibition-The Royal Road of Popular Culture-
・ Other special exhibitions
・ Special exhibitions and materials
・ Plate

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January, 2021

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