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I wanted such a background making book!
Professional painters thoroughly explain the background drawing that tends to be weak!

“What is the layer structure like?”
“How do you draw here?”
“Tell me the specific RGB values ​​when coloring!”

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your illustration making?
This book aims to eliminate such dissatisfaction and doubts.
We thoroughly explained the techniques and tools used by professional painters in “background drawing”!
Detailed settings such as layer configuration, layer settings, brushes used, RGB value of color scheme, etc. are described!
It is the strongest making & technique guide that you can learn various techniques by reproducing the painting of professional painters.

Four professional painters thoroughly explain the seven background makings!
We publish seven background makings with rich variations such as natural scenery, fantastic castles, science fiction cities.
Four illustrators who are active in the professional field will use CLIP STUDIO PAINT to explain in detail and carefully.
Professional working tools such as brushes that you can not know easily,
You can understand the detailed drawing procedure up to layer composition in detail in this one book!
By thoroughly learning how to paint professionally, your illustration will be dramatically improved!!

[Published illustrator]
Seiji Yoshida, Aki Yoshikawa, Denki, Zenji

[Main contents of this document]
・Basic background guide
BASIC01 “Basic background knowledge”
■ BASIC02 “Perspective”
BASIC03 “Perth ruler”
■ BASIC04 “Convenient functions”
■ BASIC05 “composite mode”

・Illustration making
■01 “Drawing colorful flower gardens” Aki Yoshikawa: Layer composition / Brush/Canvas settings / Undercoat / Drawing distant views / Drawing flower gardens / Drawing trees / Drawing flowers / Finishing technique / Making textures (one-point technique)
■ 02 “Drawing a castle in a fantasy country” Denki: Layer composition / Brush/Canvas setting / Undercoat / Draw castle / Draw distant view / Draw castle road and lake / Add and modify details / Finishing technique
■ 03 “Drawing the back alley of a town” Seiji Yoshida: Layer composition / Brush canvas setting / Drawing rough / Drawing line drawing / Undercoating / Drawing distant view / Drawing back alley / Finishing with addition
■ 04 “Drawing the ruins of dusk” Aki Yoshikawa: Layer composition / Brush/Canvas setting / Undercoat / Draw a distant view / Draw ruins / Draw plants and rubble / Finishing technique / Make brick material (one-point technique)
■ 05 “Draw the future city of the night” Denki: Layer composition / Brush / canvas setting / Draw rough / Undercoat / Draw a building in the foreground / Draw a building island / Modify / Add
■ 06 “Drawing a Japanese House at Sunset” Zenji: Layer composition / Brush/Canvas setting / Undercoat / Painting the sky / Painting the house / Painting the slope / Overall drawing / Finishing technique
■ 07 “Draw a fancy steam locomotive” Zenji: Layer composition / Brush / canvas setting / Undercoat / Draw a distant view / Draw locomotive / Draw station platform / Finishing technique / Make materials for floors and pillars (One (Point technique)

Luxury 4 big download benefits! Limited illustration data is available!
Only the purchaser of this manual can get illustration data that can be used with CLIP STUDIO PAINT!
■ Completed illustration by layer
A clip file of “””Layer separated”” with 7 illustrations
■Custom brush data
Custom brushes used by professional artists to create illustrations
■Custom color set
Color set that summarizes the color scheme data used in each illustration
■ Custom material
Materials such as textures created during making

Release Date:
December, 2019

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A publishing company in Akihabara, editing and production production. In addition to books centered on illustrations and manga, he also works on PR booklets and videos for government offices and companies. He produces works regardless of genre such as medicine, history, economy, and science.

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