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Photo spots in 6 areas: “Evangelion 3rd New Tokyo City” area, “Evangelion Hangar” area, “Kansai International Airport” area, “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” area, “Space Center” area, and “City of the World” area Introducing. You can also enjoy it as a miniature photo book.

Each photo also includes a map of shooting points, camera angles, lens types, and shooting specifications. It is also full of technique articles such as “The secret of miniature photography” and “Processing into a movie-like photo with Photoshop and RAW phenomenon”.
At the end of the book, we will publish an article that summarizes the making of several years from the start of production to the completion as “Until the Small Worlds TOKYO is made”. With this book in your hand, please look for a hidden scenic point.

How to use this book
Introduction Introduction

The secret of miniature photography
Part 1 Take realistic miniature photos with a single-lens reflex camera!
Part 2 Shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity of miniature photos
Part 3 Take Small Worlds with iPhone 11 Pro MAX

SMALL WORLDS TOKYO Shooting location guide
“Evangelion 3rd New Tokyo City” area
Features of this area / time and lighting / movable points
3rd New Tokyo City Old City Full View [Day] / 3rd New Tokyo City New City Full View (From Mt. Ashigara Observatory) [Night] / 3rd New Tokyo City Center [Night] / Condensing Buildings [Day] ] / 3rd New Tokyo City 1st Junior High School / School Garden [Lunch] / 3rd New Tokyo City 1st Junior High School / School Gate Sakashita [Lunch] / 3rd New Tokyo City Old Town / Shopping Street [Lunch] / 3rd New Tokyo City Old Town / Shopping Street [Night] / Convenience Store Lawson 3rd New Tokyo City Higashi Sengokuhara Store [Night] / Ascending movable pedestrian bridge [Day] / Private house along the loop line [Day] / Along the loop line / River [Day] / Shrine [Evening] / Ground-to-ground 800mm train turret [Day] / United Nations Army 305th Flight Squadron Base / Monorail [Day] / Ayanami Rei’s room housing complex [Night] / Misato Katsuragi Mansion Front Road [Night] / Mt. Ashigara Observatory [Evening] / Shin-Gora Station [Night] / Former Sengokuhara Kogen Station [Lunch] / Circular Line General Base / Monorail [Lunch]

“Evangelion Hangar” area
Features of this area / movable points
Evangelion Unit 1 / Evangelion Hangar / Front / Movement by Linear Rail / Injection Lane and Injection Stand / Evangelion Hangar / Staff Aisle

“Kansai International Airport” area
Features of this area / time and lighting / movable points
A Runway panoramic view [night] / Take off plane [night] / Moving plane and runway light [night] / panoramic view [day] / Special vehicle and train [day] / Control tower / Inside terminal building / Smartphone Take a picture of the inside of the terminal with a sense of reality / Landing on Runway B / One day on Runway B

“Sailor Moon” area
Features of this area / time and lighting / movable points
Crystal Tokyo [Night] / Azabujuban-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo in the 1990s [Day] / Azabujuban-cho and Tokyo Tower in the 1990s [Day] / Azabujuban-cho in the 1990s [Night] / Ippon Matsuzaka Nearby / Game Center Crown and Sailor Warrior / Azabujuban-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo in the 1990s / Near view / Azabujuban shopping street / Near view in the 1990s / Baseball field / Patio Juban / Hikawa Shrine / Tsukino Usagi no Ie / Country D Embassy / Ichinohashi Junction [Day] / Ichinohashi Junction [Night] / Ichinohashi Junction / Near View

“Space Center” area
Features of this area / time and lighting / movable points
Assembly Building (VAB) / Space Center Facility Area / Saturn V Rocket Launch [Night] / 39th Launch Facility (LC-39) [Day] / Launch Control Center (LCC)

“City of the World” area
Features of this area / time and lighting / movable points
Busy and nightless emerging nations Nightless nations
Night market / Night view / Night cityscape / Harbor and wharf [day] / Barracks and tin roof [day] / Aishimon [day]
Industrial power of knowledge and economy Knowledge country
Knowledge Country Day View / Knowledge Country Night View / Night Market
White sand island country protected by the city walls Country of the city walls
Night view / Night cityscape / Wharf / Summer day in the country of the ramparts
Ancient dragon and forest country Forest country
Castle Town [Night] / Dragon Village [Night] / Castle Town Overview [Day] / Dragon Village [Day] / Loop Bridge [Day]
Snowy coal mine mountain country Snowy country
Mine orbit [night] / Private house and mine [night]

Process into movie-like photos with Photoshop and RAW phenomenon
Adjust the color of the cityscape dyed in the sunset / Eliminate the shadows reflected on the wall to create the night sky / Correct the distortion of the perspective and make it a bird’s-eye view photo / Erase the reflected ceiling to make the sky / Change the color of the sky, in front Brighten up and make a midsummer day

Until Small Worlds TOKYO is made

Release Date:
June, 2021

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Minori Kai

Writer. Born in Shizuoka in 1976. After graduating from Osaka University of Arts, She spent several years in Kyoto and is now active in Tokyo.

She writes in books and magazines, focusing on the things and things that women like, such as travel, walks, sweets, souvenirs, classic hotels and architecture.

She is also an instructor at a culture school with themes such as walking around town and souvenirs.

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