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This is a special memorial book commemorating the 25th anniversary of the broadcast of the animation” Nintama Rantaro, “which started broadcasting on NHK in April 1993.

The case of the two-volume set is the “Ninjutsu Academy Committee Battle Picture Scroll” drawn by character designer Emiko Niiyama (Ajia-do Animation).

And, as further special news, “Rantaro, Kirimaru, Shinbei” drawn by the original author Soubee Amako is also posted!

It will be a book that covers the animation settings that fans have been waiting for.

[Main contents]
■ Volume 1 (page 320)
Characters, props, and art are excerpted from Nintama Rantaro’s anime setting picture. This is a book full of setting images of characters appearing in animation.

■ Volume 2 (page 160)
Many memorial projects such as storyboards in the animation production process and character introductions centered on original drawings.

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March, 2019

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