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Official fan book of TV anime & movie “Given”.

The cover is an illustration drawn by anime from midwinter, summer, Haruki, Akihiko, and Ametsuki.
With comments from director Hikaru Yamaguchi & series composition / screenplay Yuniko Ayana
Starting with a page that introduces the story of the main character, TV series & movies,
Interview with the cast members, Mr. Kizu Natsuki,
Includes interviews with anime staff and full content.

【table of contents】

Illustration Gallery

01 | Characters
・ Midwinter Sato / Tatsuka Uenoyama / Haruki Nakayama / Akihiko Kaji
・ Ametsuki Murata / Yuki Yoshida / Hiiragi Kashima / Hairball / Others

02 | Stories
・ TV series / movies
・ Art setting / location scouting report
・ Opening / Ending

03 | Interviews
・ Interview with Shogo Yano (role of Midwinter Sato) & Yuma Uchida (role of Tatsunatsu Uenoyama)
・ Masatomo Nakazawa (role of Haruki Nakayama) & Takuya Eguchi (role of Akihiko Kaji) & Shintaro Asanuma (role of Ametsuki Murata) Roundtable discussion
・ Shogo Yano
・ Yuma Uchida
・ Shogo Yano & Yuma Uchida
・ Masatomo Nakazawa & Takuya Eguchi
・ Yuuki Shin (role of Yuki Yoshida)
・ Dubbing comic report
・ Kizu Natsuki (Original author)
・ Hikaru Yamaguchi (Director) & Yuniko Ayana (Series Composition)
・ Hikaru Yamaguchi (Director) & Haruka Takeuchi (Designer / BALCOLONY) <br> ・ Akitoshi Mori (Fuji TV Producer)
・ Centimillimental / Wenji (Band Sound Direction)
・ Unknown Rui (music)
・ Tomoya Mizuno (CG director)

Release Date:
August, 2020

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After graduating from a junior college in Fukuoka, he has been active as an assistant to Takahiro Seguchi for two and a half years. Worked as an assistant for the weekly serialization for 15 years. He is active in many fields, such as being listed in the voice actor directory under the name of MAEDAX. After becoming independent, after working as a freelance assistant, in November 2013, he launched Assistant Background Beauty School.

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