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The official picture book of the popular “PUI PUI Molcar “. Characters who have become cars of guinea pigs made of wool felt will face various difficulties.

<Chapter 1> Molcar’s Nakama
Many unique friends appear in “PUI PUI Molker”.
If you know each molker, you will love it even more.

<Chapter 2> Where Molcar is
Where do humans and guinea pig cars live together?
It looks like the city where everyone lives … maybe.

<Chapter 3> Molcar’s story
There is action, there is excitement, and there is plenty of humor!
Did you notice a lot of studded gimmicks?

<Chapter 4> Until Molcar’s animation is made
How does the felt work?
Let’s take a look behind the scenes of cuteness and fun.

<Chapter 5> The person who made the molcar
Molcar would not have been born without this person.
What’s happening in the mind of director Tomoki Misato? “

Release Date:
August, 2021

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