OSAMU TEZUKA Frontispiece Collection 1950-1970

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This is a valuable collection of works by Tezuka Osamu’s early to mid-term works.

A door picture is a picture that can be put together with the title on the top page of the magazine or at the beginning of the book, and various ideas such as bold screen configuration and title arrangement have been elaborated to catch the reader’s eyes. Another attraction of Tezuka Manga is condensed. Since the door painting at the time of serialization is cut by a book, there are many valuable things that are recorded for the first time in this book.

In this book, we have carefully selected about 600 points from over 2000 points of candidates, focusing on the original paintings that existed from the door paintings published in Tezuka’s magazine.

Unlike recent cartoons and art books that have been extensively cleaned, corrections are kept to a minimum, and damages and correction marks on the original picture, discoloration due to aging, etc. are used as a “texture”, and the monochrome manuscript is also posted in full color. I am. As a result, you can enjoy the true charm of the original picture, where you can feel the delicate brush strokes and breathing of the author along with years of history. It is highly rare as a material, and it is a content that allows you to appreciate Tezuka’s work as art.


Release Date:
November, 2017

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Osamu Tezuka

Born on November 3, 1928 in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture. Spent boyhood in Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated from Osaka University School of Medicine. medical doctor. Debuted in 1946 with “Maachan’s Diary”. 1947 “Shintoshima” became a big hit. Since then, he has been dedicated to establishing Japanese story manga. He has also made great achievements in the animation world.

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