Fairy tale and cute girl costume design catalog – 918 costume parts included by Oriko Sakura

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You can use it immediately when you get lost in costume design! Contains 918 convenient and cute costume parts. Full of ideas to expand the range of costume design!

Focusing on the costume design that illustrator Oriko Sakura is most good at, accessories (headdress, ear decoration, chest decoration, bag, etc.), upper body parts (collar, sleeves, chest, etc.), lower body (skirt, trousers, socks, shoes, etc.) Etc.), etc., and introduces many patterns like a catalog of her unique design variations of small parts.
To make it easier to imagine, we also post examples of character designs picked up from the catalog. Explains not only the design but also how to draw frills, lace and ribbons.

▪︎ Chapter 1
Costume design concept

▪︎ Chapter 2
Costume design example collection

▪︎ Chapter 3 Accessory Catalog
Hat / Katyusha / Headdress / Tiara / Shushu / Valletta / Hair elastic / Hairpin / Earrings / Ear cuff / Breathless / Necklace / Choker / Handbag / Shoulder bag / Rucksack / Contemporary accessory collection / Fantasy accessory collection / Japanese style accessory Collection / cold protection / rain gear

▪︎ Chapter 4 Upper Body Parts Catalog
Round collar / square collar / standing collar / deformed collar / folded collar / hood / long sleeve / bell sleeve / short sleeve / frill sleeve / puff sleeve / chest ribbon / tie / scarf / chest circumference / camisole tank top / bare top / vest / cardigan

▪︎ Chapter 5 Lower Body Parts Catalog
Mini skirt / knee length skirt / long skirt / short pants / knee length pants / long pants / socks / high socks / knee socks / boots / pumps / loafers / sneakers

Release Date:
June, 2019

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Oriko Sakura

Illustrator. Good at fairy tale fantasy world view. She is active in a wide range of activities such as children’s books, character design, light novel illustrations, manga, and music illustrations.

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Oriko Sakura


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