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The popular cat manga “Ore, Tsushima”, a long-awaited permanent favorite version of the fans. A book that makes you want to embrace the newly drawn manga, the “Tsushima unchiku Encyclopedia”, special contributions by celebrities, and a collection of cute illustrations by Tsu-san.

In addition to the newly drawn manga that approaches the mystery of “Negitsu-san”, there are also many newly drawn illustrations. 14 “Monthly Tsushima” serialized in “Sarai”, which is not included in the comics, will be published at once.

Including contributions of essays and illustrations by people who love Tsu-san and are active in various fields, in the “Tsushima Unchiku Dictionary”, the influence of the author’s beloved Professor Osamu Tezuka will appear in the comics. Special release of the secret stories of “Thigh Bed” and “Pine Cone”.

This book also introduces the author’s drawing method, which is often inquired by readers.
In addition, he also explains the homage scenes of the movie scattered during the production of “Ore, Tsushima”.

112 pages of all-color, full of fun projects such as “Yasagure degree check” named after the stray cat group “Yasagurekai”, character encyclopedia, and essays by the author.

Release Date:
June, 2021

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Brother and sister living in Tokyo.
In 2005, brother was in charge of drawing and sister was in charge of writing and story, and started a cat blog.
In 2016, the first brother and sister exhibition was held. From July 2017, they started “Ore, Tsushima” on Twitter.

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