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Those animals are back.
A collection of cynical and cute 4-panel / short manga drawn by Masaru Fujimoto!

Masaru Fujimoto’s “All about Living Things” (2006, Bungeishunjusha) is republished with a new commentary by Hirohito Miyamoto.
I want to read it many times. The daily life of animals drawn by Masaru Fujimoto.

◎ Table of contents
All of the creatures
At the end of a mediocre day

◎ Explanation
Hirohito Miyamoto (Associate Professor, Faculty of International Japanese Studies, Meiji University, Manga History Research)

[Characteristics of bookbinding]
“All about Living Things” is top of the book is a little uneven.
This is a bookbinding method called “up uncut” that does not cut only the heavens from the sides of the book (top and bottom [heaven and earth] and side [edge]). In fact, it is a bookbinding that requires more labor and cost than the general “three-way cutting” that cuts all three sides.
Many creatures such as rabbits, bombs, cats, skunks, etc. appear in “All about living things”, but the creatures in this book have different perspectives and are independent worlds. I have a view. Sometimes we quarrel and we have different claims. There is a lot of misalignment.
“All about living things” depicts the world where living things with such disparate personalities live together.
It’s an uneven world, which is the opposite of a uniform and homogeneous world, but it

I think that the jagged, uneven and natural texture and texture of the up uncut fits very well with the world view that Masaru Fujimoto drew in this book.
Book designer Naoko Nakui came up with the idea of ​​the book designer.
I hope you can feel the texture of this work from the object of a book.

[When the cover is removed]
If you remove the cover of “All about Living Things”, you will find the cover below.
It looks like the same pattern, but something different …?
It’s a two-frame cartoon-like device. Please compare.

[Obi fun]
On the back side of the obi, the obi at the time of publication (2006) is printed.
It is a band that conveys the charm of Masaru Fujimoto.
Please try turning it.

Release Date:
September, 2020

Author profile

Masaru Fujimoto

Born in 1968 and died in 2015.
manga artist. Illustrator. It depicts the mysterious world of imitated animals. In addition to numerous books such as “Two Weeks Vacation” and “Yume Migokochi”, he was impressed by the design of Hiroshi Homura, Yu Nagashima, Haruki Murakami, Tomihiko Morimi and others.

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