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This is a collection of case studies that introduces comics book design that are full of ideas in terms of design and make you want to read.

In recent years, the cover design of comics has a lot of gimmicks linked to the story and things that make readers think. We will introduce the intention and aim of such design based on the comments of the designer.

In addition, as a special project, a project to create a “fictitious comic cover” in which a popular illustrator and a popular designer have teamed up is also posted. You can enjoy reading how the comic design will be completed.

Cover illust : Saho Yamamoto

Release Date:
June, 2020

Author profile

Philippe Weisbecker

Born in 1942. An artist based in Paris and Barcelona. He has many activities in Japan such as advertisements and exhibitions.

He stayed at the French government’s artist-in-residence program “Villa Kujoyama” (Kyoto) for four months and drew a collection of carpentry tools “HAND TOOLS” and “Philippe Weisbecker Works” which is the culmination of his activities so far. Many publications such as “in progress”.

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