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A long-awaited first collection of works by Seiji Yoshida, a popular illustrator for “Monogatari no Ie” and “Wandoro”.

In addition to new drawings, it is packed with popular contents, cover paintings, and personal works. In the second half, the complete recording of Seiji Yoshida’s perspective method for drawing “beautiful scenes”. The definitive edition of the perspective drawing method with the right brain!

■ Gallery

■ Thorough technique

■ 5 drawings
01 Forget Perth once
Draw without using perspective Background / Draw together size / Basic size / Try to draw a bird’s eye view / Nature like that / Various techniques that can be used

02 Let’s copy
Copy points / Copy tips / Copying complex landscapes / Everyday sketches

03 Basic knowledge of Perth
What is Perth?/Basics of single-point perspective/Various one-point perspective/Basics of two-point perspective/About eye level/
Various two-point perspective/Basics of three-point perspective/Three-point perspective and composition/Landscape with multiple vanishing points

04 Application and practical use of perspective
Perspective-conscious nature rendering/Cloud perspective/How to draw slopes and stairs/Circular and perspective perspective/Determine size with perspective/Distribute depth evenly/Determine depth (angle of view)/Fish-eye perspective / Natural depth / Determine perspective from person / Perspective when there is a vanishing point outside the screen / Mistakes that are easy to make with perspective / Difference between human eyes and perspective / Shadow perspective / Perspective of mirror image / Basic composition

■Illustration Making
Illustration drawn
1. Making of “Dining” Indoor
2. Making of “Derelicts” outdoors (natural products)
3. Making of “Fairytale” outdoors (artifact)

■Atelier introduction & interview

Release Date:
May, 2020

Author profile

Seiji Yoshida

Background grapher, illustrator. In addition to many game backgrounds, he is involved in the illustration of comic market 97 paper bags and the illustration of the book “Beautiful Scenery Illustration”.

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Seiji Yoshida

1 review for Yoshida Seiji Art works & Perspective technique

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    The first half is a beautiful illustration collection by Professor Yoshida, and the second half is like a reference book. I like or want to draw the background! People buy it in particular and there is no loss at all. It was the best. I really like the quality of the paper.

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