The Ultimate Unreal Manga Odd Couples by Jiro Suzuki

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This book is a book based on the illustration of “cover style of comic book serialized ” with the theme of bumpy pair & trio.

A rugged combination & trio with differences in physique, differences in age, status, race, and gender.

Draws 24 pages of character settings and 28 pages of bonus comics!

Such a bumpy combination & trio will appear.
・A younger brother who has been hijacked by an evil dragon & wants to recover his sister
・It looks like a gentleman! The contents are cerebral muscles! Super old man & new face brain glasses
・Exorcist’s old man & rare beast & exorcist’s old man brother
・Natural Princess & Knight Apprentice Girl
・Newcomer’s Daughter CA & Airplane Loving Arafif Captain
・Super delicate wolf man & hikikomori goota vampire & pure pure child android
・Forest Serpent and Sage & a serious human servant
・Anyway co-pilot (female) & a co-pilot (male) who believes to be popular someday
・Incubus dying and middle-aged Kyonshi

Release Date:
February, 2020

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Jiro Suzuki

Cartoonist and illustrator. Masterpiece: Manga “Magical Warriors Angel Stab! “Rufuko-chan”, “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Henshi Kouen (Original Dragon Knight 07)” and “Gakuen K (Original GoRA/GoHands Suzuki Suzu)” are all published by Square Enix. Game character illustrations, character drafts and many more.

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Jiro Suzuki


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