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The second collection of works by Mateush Urbanovich, the author of the blockbuster illustration collection “Tokyo store stance,” is the “Tokyo Night Tour” series, which depicts the night of Tokyo in a skillful watercolor painting.

Scenery with skyscrapers, neon views from the back alleys, roads and streets wet with rain, tasteful bridges and trains, etc.The scenery of Tokyo cut from the author’s unique perspective feels nostalgia and human activity somewhere. While making it look, it has a look that reminds us of another world, and shakes the feelings of the viewer.

At the end of the book, there is a special dialogue with Makoto Shinkai, who has a close relationship with the author, as well as makings that approach the author’s writing method. This is also a must read!

***This book contains Japanese and English language text!***


Release Date:
September, 2019
Japanese & English

Author profile

Mateusz Urbanowicz

Born in Silesia, Poland. After studying animation in Kobe started working
in Tokyo as an animation background artist in the Comix Wave Films studio,
taking part in works of the director Makoto Shinkai (“Your Name.”).
Currently working as a freelance creator, making comics, illustrations,
animations, and videos with many fans around the world.

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1 review for Tokyo at Night – The artworks Mateusz urbanowicz

  1. kerry

    This is an art book that depicts the city of Tokyo with a delicate touch and is very particular about detail.

    Magic city, Tokyo. It’s not an atmosphere like that, but it’s a work that makes you feel nostalgic sentimental for some reason even though it’s an urban area.

    It’s a realistic painting, but I think it’s wonderful because it expresses the style of the artist’s unique style, not a dull painting that traces the photo as it is.

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