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This book attractively depicts Japanese “modern fashion” in Japan,
This is a creator’s file that introduces 40 creators and their works.

A character who decides on a pose by dressing in his favorite clothes.
A lot of coordination that makes you want to imitate.
A unique fashion style drawn with a unique taste.
I was particular about the details,
Use colors for clothes texture, texture, form, motif and accessories.

This book is packed with the “now” of various fashion illustration expressions.

Book design is handled by BAL COLONY., A creative team that deals with the most fashionable graphics in the entertainment design area these days.
You can enjoy it as a collection of fashion illustrations with a layout design that reflects the world view of each creator and can be tasted only in this book.

In addition to recording many comments related to fashion illustrations by each creator, you can immediately follow the SNS account of the creator you care about.
Also includes Twitter QR code and Instagram name tag.

Release Date:
January, 2020

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1 review for Real clothes illustration – Japanese fashion illust

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    I bought it because my favorite illustrator contributed it, but all the writers drew fashionable and cute outfit illustrations and it was very readable! The paper quality is different depending on the page, and I was excited just to turn it over.

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