Record Covers in Wadaland – Makoto Wada Record Jacket Collection

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A collection of record jacket works by Japan’s leading illustrator, Makoto Wada!
The culmination of music (+ movie) work for over 50 years in all colors!

Classical and contemporary music, trendy songs, jazz, chanson,
An illustrator who likes listening to music regardless of genre,
Covering 350 record jackets designed with happiness!

A definitive edition that collects all the music and movie jacket designs that Makoto Wada loves with various faces such as designers, binding artists, essaysists, film directors, picture book writers!
LP records, singles, EPs, sono sheets, CDs, laser discs …
Completely recorded 350 points, including studies from school days! Comes with a newly written essay.


Release Date:
February, 2014

Author profile

Makoto Wada

Born in 1936. Passed away in October 2019. Graduated from Tama Art University’s design (current design) department. In 1959, joined the design company Light Publicity.
Since 1968, he has been active as a freelance designer and illustrator, working in a wide range of genres.

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