TIPS! to make you want to draw by Seiji Yoshida

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An illustration technique book thoroughly explained by illustrator Seiji Yoshida. Backgrounds without perspective, how to draw various things around you, expressing perspective, choosing colors, how to capture surfaces, the basics of coloring, etc.

This book contains everything from techniques you can use right away to applied knowledge that will improve the quality of your illustrations.

Each item is in the form of short hints of 1 to 4 pages, with easy-to-understand and detailed explanations that can be used by everyone from illustration beginners to experts. Additionally, download URLs for “making-of” videos of some of the examples are also posted. You can watch the video to see how a professional draws and finishes the actual work process.

・Those who want to improve their work one step further
・Those who are worried about the combination of backgrounds and characters
・Those who are worried about the color scheme and coloring of illustrations
・Illustrators, animators, and graphic artists
・From beginners to advanced From amateur to professional class

background without perspective, projection method, eye level concept, basics of perspective, 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective, 3 point perspective, fisheye perspective, panoramic perspective, people and perspective, landscape painting perspective, painting Impressions of corners and pictures, the world as seen by humans, easy-to-understand perspective…etc.

●Basics of description and shading
・Tips for making the finished product look high
・How to decide on colors
・How sunlight filters through the trees
・About subsurface scattering
・How to give a story to a painting
・How to create a “highlight”
・Tangent (tangent )
・Layering techniques・The true nature of “transparency”
・How “voidness” creates space・Various compositions…etc.

Basic elements of buildings, Various buildings, Various windows, Tips on bookshelves, Landscapes of Satoyama, Changes due to time and weather, Brightness of lighting…etc.

basics of thick coating, clouds, water, forests, mountains, back alleys, daytime cityscapes, rainy nightscapes, etc.

Release Date:
October, 2023

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Seiji Yoshida

Background grapher, illustrator. In addition to many game backgrounds, he is involved in the illustration of comic market 97 paper bags and the illustration of the book “Beautiful Scenery Illustration”.

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Seiji Yoshida


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