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In recent years, the presence of Asian creators, especially in China and South Korea, has increased in the world of comic art.

The high level of drawing and the uniqueness of the expression pursued while being influenced by Japanese anime and manga give us a sense of freshness and momentum. This book is a creator’s file that introduces 46 attractive illustrators who are active in Asia and their works. Enjoy the forefront of Asian creative!

*Bilingual (Japanese / English)

[Cover illustration]

[Illustration drawn]
INH / Isoniazid

[Published authors (listed order / titles omitted)]
GUWEIZ / Lee Choo / PainDude / SEONG RYUL / Bakery00 / Shirakawa Kashiwakawa / Kanoho / Ahrong / inplick / NJ / INH / RIRIFA / Sainker / Genden Broadcasting / illumi / Son Powerless / grandia Yuan / GHARLIERA / Novelance / Mongin / FKEY NoriZC / Shunsai JUNC / Yuu Nakashita / REDUM / sheya / Kunitakahiko / Kuchibukuro Takumi / Wang Xiaoyang / Lee Akira / Kitahashizawa / Su Kogo / Kirin Benijin / Low-grade error / meyoco / MY / TREE13 / Jeonghyeon / Alle Page / Year / Year / Rarain / Hokichi Toku / What Dance / Flying Monkey / LOIZA / Zeen Chin



Release Date:
September, 2020
Japanese & English

Author profile

Aquirax Uno(Akira Uno)

Japanese illustration artist and graphic designer. Characterized by a person depicted with a pen. He worked on Shuji Terayama’s stage and advertising art.

Besides illustrator, he also works as a curator, stage art, and art director.

Aquirax Uno(Akira Uno)’s Books

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  1. booklog

    I thought the price was high, but I enjoyed the price. Korean / Taiwanese writers will learn how to use pastel colors. Somehow, Chinese writers seem to have many dark paintings. The size may be small as an art book.

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