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A collection of 20-25 representative illustrations by Hiroshi Nagai focusing on night scenes, laid out to fit the magazine’s analog 7-inch record size.

Popular illustrator Hiroshi Nagai has graced a variety of scenes, including advertisements, posters, records, and CDs, as represented by the jacket for Eiichi Otaki’s “A LONG VACATION”.

Hiroshi Nagai is famous for his striking illustrations of summer sunlight, palm trees, and poolsides, which everyone has seen at least once, but did you know that he has also created many works depicting night scenes?
An airplane flying over a neon-lit cityscape, a poolside in the twilight, fireworks rising into the night sky…. VaporWave has beautifully depicted many scenes with the twilight hours (magic hour), which is said to be experienced only for a few dozen minutes before the sunset.
Nowadays, Hiroshi Nagai’s illustrations are also a part of a movement called “vaporwave,” in which people feel the atmosphere of the ’80s and ’90s as they migrate through the netherworld.

▼ Specifications
180 x 180mm / top binding / 40 pages

(c)Hiroshi Nagai 2020
*This book is not a reprint, but a newly published book.

Release Date:
September, 2020

Author profile

Hiroshi Nagai

Born December 22, 1947 in Tokushima City.
After working as a graphic designer, he has been active as an illustrator since 1976. Eiichi Otaki’s record jackets and advertising visuals such as “A LONGVACATION” and “NIAGARA SONG BOOK” are still being talked about, and even now, he is creating universal works that are widely loved.
He also develops a wide range of activities such as DJ and music critic.

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