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Goldfish, the most familiar ornamental fish for Japanese people.
The impression that the illustrator’s author felt while raising goldfish,
A book drawn by the “Goldfish Princess” series, which was anthropomorphized based on ideas from history and origin.

Introducing 45 goldfish princesses, along with features and explanations of lovable goldfish, not just “goldfish” and “Ryukin”.

The friendly and unfussy personality of “Telescope” is a gentle spectacled girl who seems to be alone in the class …
A collection of girly illustrations where you will surely find your favorite goldfish.

◇ Princess Goldfish in this book ◇
01 Japanese goldfish
02 Chintz goldfish
03 Mikawa bullion
04 Shonai Goldfish
05 Iron fish
06 Comet
07 Shubunkin
08 Bristol Shubunkin
09 Yanagi Telescope
10 Tokai Nishiki
11 Ryukin
12 Black eyeball
13 Tosakin
14 Calico Ryukin
15 Echigo Tamasaba
16 Fortune Dharma
17 Butterfly tail
18 Panda Butterfly Tail
19 Red-black butterfly tail
20 ping pong pearl
21 Sakura Ryukin
22 Broadtail Ryukin
23 Oranda lion head
24 Balloon Holland
25 Higo Holland
26 Tonishiki
27 Chingwin fish
28 Hagoromo
29 tea gold
30 Tancho
31 Hamanishiki
32 Longan
33 Izumo Nanjing
34 Osaka Ranchu
35 Tsugaru Nishiki
36 Ranchu
37 Autumn Nishiki
38 zenith
39 Hanafusa
40 Bubble Eye
41 Edo Nishiki
42 Kyonishiki
43 Sakura Nishiki
44 lion head
45 silver fish

Release Date:
August, 2019

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Kinuyo Iwata

Born in Hayama Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Ochanomizu Art College. An illustrator who mainly deals with book design. She likes to draw kimono girls, schoolgirls, and folk performing arts costumes. After marrying a family member who works as an ornamental fish, she began drawing the “Goldfish Princess” series, which is an anthropomorphic goldfish, in 2011.

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Kinuyo Iwata


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