SHIGOTOBA – The Working Place of Japan Professionals

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Noritake Suzuki, a popular Japanese picture book artist, has made a picture book at a Japanese work site!

A large collection of 9 occupations and 9 “work” that are popular with children. Do you have any details about the tools you use and the work flow? It is a fun picture book for “Shinkansen drivers” to eat sushi at “sushi chefs” shops and to find “connections” where work is useful for other people.

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March, 2009

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Noritake Suzuki

Born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in 1975. Graphic designer and illustrator. In 2006, won the 27th Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest. Selected for TOKYO illustration 2007. Received the 2006 Picture Book Category Individuality Award from Bungeisha Visual Art Publishing Culture Award. Lives in Chiba prefecture.

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Noritake Suzuki


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