THE JOURNEY BEGINS (paper cloth binding) by Hiroshi Nagai

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The self-recommended best works collection by Hiroshi Nagai, which was released in 2023 and immediately sold out, has reappeared in a paper cloth-bound edition featuring a total of 62 works, including new ones.

This book is the expanded and revised new edition of “THE JOURNEY BEGINS,” the first self-recommended collection published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name held at Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore from the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023.

It compiles works selected by Hiroshi Nagai himself, from his early works that shaped him to recent ones, including poolside scenes, cars, people, nightscapes, waves, buildings, and the iconic swaying palm trees—artworks that have been seen by everyone at least once on record jackets, advertisements, and magazines.

The limited edition of the first version, designed by the designer Yoxxx, who has continued to design the artwork for many of Nagai’s works, used fabric cloth for the cover and generated a significant response after its release. It evoked memories and a sense of the 1980s, a time like a dream, and many were astonished by its tranquility, as if “time had stopped,” even feeling the presence of humans. The book continued to sell out quickly after the exhibition ended, and its value as a rare book has continued to soar.

This time, while retaining the content of the first edition, the cover has been changed from fabric cloth to paper cloth for the mass market edition. This expanded and revised new edition includes three new works that were also presented at the previous exhibition.

Release Date:
March, 2024

Author profile

Hiroshi Nagai

Born December 22, 1947 in Tokushima City.
After working as a graphic designer, he has been active as an illustrator since 1976. Eiichi Otaki’s record jackets and advertising visuals such as “A LONGVACATION” and “NIAGARA SONG BOOK” are still being talked about, and even now, he is creating universal works that are widely loved.
He also develops a wide range of activities such as DJ and music critic.

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