Secret of Y chair – Thorough dissection of Wegner’s timeless masterpiece chair

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Regarding the Y chair (Hans Wegner), which is especially famous and popular among the masterpiece chairs, the secret of its popularity, what is excellent and attractive, why it has such a design and structure, etc. are detailed. A book to unravel (with detailed explanations on how to knit a chair).

・ Why is the Y chair so popular?
We will explore the secret of its popularity based on the impressions of designers, woodworkers, dealers, and people who use it in their daily lives.

・ The secret of design and structure
The design of each part is meaningful. Why do we need a Y curve (the back is Y-shaped so that people can lie down and sit relaxed).
A structure that considers the work efficiency of the maker (there is a gap behind the seat to facilitate seat knitting work). Detailed explanation for each part.

・ The secret of the birth of the Y chair
Explore the background behind the birth of the Y-chair.
Introducing the situation of Danish design in the 1940s, the encounter between Hans Wegner and the chairs of the Ming dynasty in China, and how the Y chair became widespread.

・ How did it become popular in Japan?
How the world’s designs were introduced to Japan after the war, when the Y chair was sold in Japan,
Explains how more than 5,000 legs are sold annually in Japan.
Introducing price changes.

・ How to identify copy products
I will explain the points of how to determine the difference between the original Y chair and the copy product.
Introducing the process of acquiring the three-dimensional trademark registration of Y chair as a measure against copy products.

・ Repair and maintenance of Y chair
A master of sitting knitting explains in detail the points of how to knit a seat with photos.

・ Posted photos of Y chair from various perspectives
Posts comparative photos of early Y chairs, 60’s, 80’s, and latest Y chairs by age group.
Photos of the Ming dynasty chair “Quanyi”, which was the source of the idea of ​​the Y chair, and Wegner-designed Chinese chairs and the chairs are posted.
See the transition of design.

Release Date:
July, 2016

Author profile

Shigeru Sakamoto

Born in 1961. Woodworking designer.
He joined De-Sign (currently Carl Hansen & Søn Japan) in 1991 after being involved in furniture production at Gotanda Seisakusho.
He is involved in sales promotion and product management (inspection, repair, import business) such as Y chairs. He is instrumental in registering the three-dimensional trademark of the Y chair.
After leaving the company in 2014, he established sim design. In addition to working as a designer, he also receives replacements and repairs for paper cords such as Y-chairs.
He has participated in competitions since he was enrolled in the company, and has won many prizes. In 1998, he won the 1st “Wooden Chair Exhibition in Living” Grand Prix, and in 2015, “Craft City Takaoka Craft Competition” Factory Craft Category Grand Prix.

Shigeru Sakamoto’s Books

Takaaki Nishikawa

Born in 1955. Editor, chair researcher.
In addition to chairs and furniture, he edits and writes with the main theme of wood, from forests and wood to wood crafts.

Takaaki Nishikawa’s Books

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Shigeru Sakamoto, Takaaki Nishikawa


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