Anatomical view of masterpiece chairs

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A book that introduces in detail the processes such as disassembly, assembly, and seat replacement for chairs called masterpiece chairs such as “The Chair” and chairs designed by famous designers such as Finn Juhl.

While introducing these, the author explores the characteristics, structure, and thoughts of the designer of each chair.
1) What kind of technology is used: joining method, how to give strength, ingenuity to make the best use of design, ingenuity in hidden parts that cannot be seen from the outside, etc.
2) Pros and cons
3) Material: Type of wood used, paper cord for seat knitting, contents of upholstery (cotton, cloth, horsehair, urethane, etc.), etc.
4) How did the designer work on the chair?
5) Posted chairs (18 chairs)
・ Super Leggera [Gio Ponti]
・ The Chair (JH501) [Hans J. Wegner]
・ Y chair (CH24) [Hans J. Wegner]
・ Bear chair [Hans J. Wegner]
・ JH504 [Hans J. Wegner]
・ CH23 [Hans J. Wegner]
・ Egg chair [Arne Jacobsen]
・ Seven Chair [Arne Jacobsen]
・ Easy Chair No.45 [Finn Juhl]
・ Armchair No.46 [Finn Juhl]
・ Armchair No.48 [Finn Juhl]
・ J.L. Moller No.77 [Niels Otto Moller]
・ Eva [Bruno Mattson]
・ FD130 [Peter Wit & Orla Morgo Nielsen]
・ Siesta [Ingmar Bergman]
・ Safari chair [Kaare Klint]
・ MK Chair [Mogens Koch]
・ Paper cord knitting folding chair JAPAN

■ Table of contents
● Dismantle the chair (JH501)
● Disassemble, assemble, and replace the seat of the Y chair
● Peel off the upholstery of the bare chair (AP19)
● Dismantle and repair JH504
● Dismantle and repair CH23
● Put Finn Juhl No.45 in the frame state
● Peel off the leather upholstery of Finn Juhl No.46
● Dismantle and repair Finn Juhl No.48
● Peel off the leather upholstery of the egg chair
● Dismantle Super Leggera
● Dismantle and repair Eva
● Dismantle and repair J.L. Moller No. 77 with broken front legs
● Disassemble and assemble FD130
● Disassemble and assemble the safari chair
● Disassemble and assemble the siesta
● Disassemble and assemble the MK chair
● Dismantle and repair the paper cord knitting “folding chair”
● Dismantle and repair the Seven Chair

Release Date:
December, 2020

Author profile

Shigeru Sakamoto

Born in 1961. Woodworking designer.
He joined De-Sign (currently Carl Hansen & Søn Japan) in 1991 after being involved in furniture production at Gotanda Seisakusho.
He is involved in sales promotion and product management (inspection, repair, import business) such as Y chairs. He is instrumental in registering the three-dimensional trademark of the Y chair.
After leaving the company in 2014, he established sim design. In addition to working as a designer, he also receives replacements and repairs for paper cords such as Y-chairs.
He has participated in competitions since he was enrolled in the company, and has won many prizes. In 1998, he won the 1st “Wooden Chair Exhibition in Living” Grand Prix, and in 2015, “Craft City Takaoka Craft Competition” Factory Craft Category Grand Prix.

Shigeru Sakamoto’s Books

Takaaki Nishikawa

Born in 1955. Editor, chair researcher.
In addition to chairs and furniture, he edits and writes with the main theme of wood, from forests and wood to wood crafts.

Takaaki Nishikawa’s Books

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Shigeru Sakamoto, Takaaki Nishikawa

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