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Arata Coolhand, whose book “FLAT HOUSE” has been well received, introduces a unique “HOME SHOP” of U.S. military and cultural houses.

[Convert Shop] Even if you are renting! Renovate a one-story house into a store!

Norbulingka (Kokubunji, Tokyo)/country pine furniture BARN (Hachioji, Tokyo)
[Own Home Shop] Renovate a corner of your own home!
Zakkata+antique BRIKIKKA (Sayama, Saitama)/Nakamura Stationery Store (Koganei, Tokyo)
[Fontage Shop] Open a store under the eaves using the terrace
AT HOME BAKERY Noeru (Kirishima, Kagoshima)/retro shop MONTAGE (Fussa, Tokyo)
[Emigrant Shop] Leaving the city and opening a store in a rural area
Shioya DINER(Naoshima, Kagawa)/Mori-no-Osashiki Cafe Ameta Shokudo(Kanoya, Kagoshima)
[Weekend Shop] Transform yourself into a “weekend shopkeeper” only on your day off from your main job.
Shellbread cafe (Higashimurayama, Tokyo) / MARINFORD (Fukuoka, Fukuoka)
[Case Study ] Close reporting from the property search to the opening of the store
Baked Confectionery Hitohitote (Tachikawa, Tokyo) / Yorimichi Lounge (Tachikawa, Tokyo)


Release Date:
June, 2014

Author profile

arata coolhand

Illustrator / writer
Born in Tokyo. Aquarius. Graduated from Wako University, Kuwasawa Design School.

Including illustration, logotype, production of illustration map, planning and design of clothes. In 2009, he published his first book, “FLAT HOUSE LIFE,” and the following year, he published a more enthusiastic “FLAT HOUSE style,” one by one, and made it into a series. Also, in 2014, “HOME SHOP style”, which introduces people who live at home as a store, was also released.

Currently, he rents FLAT HOUSE in Tokyo and Kyushu, and works at two bases.

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