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Greatness of lighting, counters, partitions, built-in shelves, tiles, walls, floors, furniture, windows, signboards In a cozy coffee shop, interiors and architectural commitments that invite visitors to different spaces, and a long time There is a unique taste made over it.

During the period of high economic miracle, which was said to be the golden age of coffee shops, privately run coffee shops made use of their individuality to create unique interiors.

This book is a photo book that records and conveys the interior and architectural appeal of Showa coffee shops and Western restaurants with BMC (Bill Mania Cafe), who has books such as “Photobook of Good Buildings west”, as the author.

Five BMC members will ask the owners of coffee shops and Western restaurants that still maintain the interior and spirit of the store, and think about the history, the taste created by people, and the goodness of the space. Introducing the story of 33 stores, from long-established stores with sighing interiors that represent Kyoto, Wakayama, and Hyogo, to unknown famous stores, mainly in Osaka Prefecture.

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January, 2020

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BMC (Bill Mania Cafe)

BMC (Bill Mania Cafe) is a group of five people (Shinichi Takaoka, Yumiko Kawahara, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Masaki Iwata, Tatsuko Inoue) who gathered with the same thought that “buildings in the 1950s and 70s are cool!” An activity that sings the charm of the building from the perspective of.

The base of activities is Osaka. Buildings built during the period of high economic miracle could not be seen being demolished one after another without being noticed, and in order to appeal to the world its appeal, we held events using good buildings and held ” He is energetically active besides his main business, such as the irregular publication of “Monthly Building”.

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