Heima by Kanae Ishii : Nine Keywords to Refine Your Sense of Living

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Interior stylist Kanae Ishii shows the 9 senses that she wants to hone in order to choose each piece of furniture, fragrance, rug, lighting, and art that make up her life on her own axis, through her own home and with wonderful photographs.

This 224-page volume also includes interviews and visits to the homes of six people Ishii admires, as well as interior designs she encountered in Taiwan and Thailand.

9 Keys in Daily Life
Nine keywords to improve your sense of daily life.

PART1 Judge Judge
Creating a home begins with knowing yourself.
Time to know yourself today. Face yourself and change your interior design. “Greenery from the window” is a prerequisite. The center of your home will change. The functions you want change. Knowing what is “missing” and creating it.

PART2 Playing with Idea
Interior design is a “mix” of materials, ages, and designs.
Balance by mixing materials, ages, and designs. Play with fabrics and art to match seasonal changes.

PART3 Blance
A space with a good “pause” is comfortable.
A little space is a good balance for a picture. Decorate in a way that creates a “pause”. Loosely partition the space and harmonize it. Alcove the alcove in your current life. How to make the best use of Tatami-no-Ma that fits in with your life.

Column Interior x Feng Shui
Mr. YYUTAKE LEE will teach you how to think about a house where good chi (energy) circulates. How to create a house where good chi (good vibes) circulate.

PART4 Gradate Depth
“Light” and “illumination” create a rich time.
Creating a space that allows light to pass through. Lighting fixtures influence the mood and atmosphere of a room. Lighting fixture selection. How to choose the right lighting for the right place. Lighting plan to create time and space with depth.

PART5 Hold Capture
Capture size, volume, and shape to make it beautiful, enjoyable, and easy to use.
Finding the right balance between “orderliness” and “decoration. Ideas for beautiful storage.

PART6 Enjoy
Appreciate, savor, and enjoy nature’s bounty.
Enjoy the place where it tastes good. Creative tools.

PART7 Relax
The touch that relaxes the mind.
The power of fabrics to influence emotions. A wide variety of interior fabrics.

Column Interior exploration
Old tribal rugs

PART8 Spring: Excitement
Encountering diverse values and refining your sense of “like”.
Ten homes in Taiwan and Thailand.

PART9 Breathe
Living with something that regulates the mind.
What is necessary for you?

Special Talk
Harumi Tsuda Creating a home that brings you back to yourself.

Heima of the people
Yoshimi Doki, Kojiro Nagumo, Makoto Tanijiri, Takeo Okuma, Yoshiko Kairoji, Noritsugu Oda.

Release Date:
October, 2022

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Kanae Ishii

Interior stylist. We propose interiors and lifestyles in a wide range of fields such as magazines and advertisements. From 2020, she started online interior courses to convey the fun of building a home.

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