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This is the first commercial work collection of about 240 art works of “Meyoco”, an illustrator based in Southeast Asia.

As of April 2020, Instagram has more than 1.2 million followers,
Cute characters and motifs drawn in adorable colors attract people all over the world.
In this book, in addition to carefully selected works and newly drawn works,
Reprinted “Foliage”, “REVERIE”, and “Bodies of Water”, the doujinshi of watercolor paintings in the early stage of the activity.
We also publish a lot of detailed concept explanations by Meyoco himself, which unravels the source of her inspiration.

A dream-like pastel-colored world in which natural elements such as flowers and waves are beautifully fused,
It will comfortably heal not only the fans but also the hearts of the viewers.

<<Excerpts from “Afterword”

“We live in a difficult time, and I believe in small comforts that make our journeys a tiny bit more relaxing or a little more beautiful.I hope this book helped you relax,… ”


Creative style

◇ Celestial
◇ Animal
-Game console
◇ Food & Drink
◇ Watercolor


Release Date:
May, 2020

Author profile


An illustrator based in Southeast Asia.
Mainly engaged in the production of goods inspired by manga, anime and pop culture.
The work is also inspired by natural elements such as flowers, waves and celestial bodies.
Being passionate about making goods that can add a little magic to everyday life.

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