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Introducing characters and products created by Sanrio in the 1970s and 1980s!

In addition, we will look back at about 2500 illustrations of Sanrio’s magazine “Ichigo Shimbun” at that time, valuable books that were rarely introduced such as Sanrio publishing books and movies.

[Chapter 1] Sanrio character
◎ Introduction of products and characters from 1975 to 1989
Patty & Jimmy
Hello Kitty
Little Twin Stars
My melody
Tuxedo sam
The Vaudeville Duo
Marron cream
Pokopon’s Diary
KerokeroKeroppi … other
◎ 70 & 80’s Sanrio product advertisement

[Chapter 2] Sanrio books and movies
◎ Magazines and books
“Yamanasi Mini Book Series” “Gift Book Series” “Sanrio SF Bunko” “Poetry and fairy tales” “Ichigo ehon” “Lyrica” ​​”Starting picture book” … etc.
◎ Movie
“Little jumbo” “Chilling bell” “Nutcracker” “Unico” … etc

[Chapter 3] Where to meet Sanrio ~ Stores and Communication Parks ~
◎ Sanrio shop
“Gift Gate,” “Sanrio Shop,” “Sandwich Studio,” “Ichigo no Ie,” etc.
◎ Communication Park
“Sanrio Puroland”
◎ Bonus to receive at the store

[Chapter 4] Ichigo Shimbun
◎ Back number magazine introduction
◎ 70 & 80 year representative paper list

[Column] 1 “Sanrio record” 2 “Sanrio licensed product” 3 “Sanrio greeting card” 4 “Sanrio animation”

[Appendix] ’70s &’ 80s Sanrio timeline

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April, 2019

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Sanrio is a company that sells communication gifts including characters such as Hello Kitty.

Also, we are selling greeting cards, theme park businesses such as Sanrio Puroland, and opening franchise stores.

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1 review for Sanrio Design The ’70s & ’80s – Japanese character

  1. amazon Japan customer

    If you just look at the title, you might think that it’s just a book with a lot of design drawings, but it’s completely different.
    The introduction of goods and the introduction of characters are all in all colors and are outstandingly readable.
    Moreover, it is as thick as a small picture book.
    The person who made this book is definitely a fan of Sanrio, and it’s a moving fulfillment.

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