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The bonus stickers that made us crazy in the 80s. Not to mention “Bikkuriman,” Gamla Twist, Ramen Baa, Pounding School, Secret Ninja Scrolls, Harima King’s Legend, Necros’ Fortress, Admiral Admiral, Gum when he got stuck, Aiming Markin… and many other famous There was an anonymous bonus seal back then.

This book is the first book in history that covers such 80s bonus stickers as much as possible and is organized by title. The total number of seals recorded is 1108 (83 titles), and the features of each bonus seal, as well as the story and worldview that were set, were introduced in a full-color, all-color preservation version. At the end of the book, there are also interview articles with Prince Hiroi and major members of Studio Melfan.

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April, 2017

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Takanobu Okoshi

Japanese editor, freelance writer. Showa child culture researcher. Born in Tokyo. After working as an editorial producer KIYO Publishing, joined Taoyuan Shobo in 1988 and was involved in the editing of the beautiful girl comic magazine “Comic Jumbo”. After leaving the company in 1992, became a freelance writer. Currently, he is introducing the child culture of the Showa era from a unique perspective, focusing on middle-aged true story magazines.

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