Sanrio Characters Hapidanbui Fan Book Challenge!

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“Sanrio’s first character unit “Hapidanbui “. It is a group of 6 men’s co-characters “Tuxedo Sam”, “Hangyodon”, “Kerokerokeroppi”, “Pekkle of Ahiru”, “Pochakko”, and “Badtz-Maru”, which were born in the 70’s and 90’s and are now gaining popularity again.

In this book, the trajectory of their “challenge to make everyone happy” is open to the public!
You can challenge musical instruments and make your band debut, collaborate with apparel brands to produce fashionable fashion items, and show off your comics with the aim of becoming a popular laughter.

At the end of the book is a special sticker and a design sheet that can be separated and used as wrapping paper or stationery! “

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November, 2021

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Sanrio is a company that sells communication gifts including characters such as Hello Kitty.

Also, we are selling greeting cards, theme park businesses such as Sanrio Puroland, and opening franchise stores.

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