Animation Movement Guidebook – Basic Course On Communicating Expression (Animation Boot Camp)

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This book is a simple yet profound guide to creating “communicative” animation. It encapsulates the essence of movement learned from top animators.

How do you design an acting plan, draw movement, and convey it to others? Through workshops and lectures based on a wealth of examples, you can learn the necessary mindset for drawing animation movements.

It includes special lectures by animators Yoichi Kotabe, Nobuo Tomizawa, Hiroyuki Okiura, and discussions with Toshiyuki Inoue, Yoshihiro Komori, Ryotimo, Cedric HEROLE, among others. It encapsulates the essence of the “Animation Boot Camp,” a talent development program that has been ongoing for over 10 years under the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ media arts initiatives. It’s an enduring introduction to animation.
At the end of the book, there’s a flipbook collection by Takeshi Inamura that lets you enjoy animation by flipping through it! Also, URLs are provided to view the example movies, allowing for a deeper understanding by checking the movements in the videos.

Contents include:
How to Use This Book / Character Introduction / Author Introduction
About Line Test Environments
Glossary for Learning Animation

Part 1 What Does It Mean to Be “Good”? What Is “Expression”?
1-1 What Is a “Drawing”?
1-2 Is a Drawing “Good” If It Is Drawn Accurately?
1-3 The “Common Sense” for Becoming a “Communicative Expression”
1-4 Confirming Common Sense 1 – Checking with Onomatopoeia
1-5 Confirming Common Sense 2 – Feeling with Your Own Body
1-6 Common Sense in Character Animation 1 – Exercise “Walking”
1-7 Common Sense in Character Animation 2 – Acting “Surprised”
1-8 Real Example: Movie “When Marnie Was There” cut-0636

Part 2 Confirming “Common Sense”
2-1 Workshop 1 Balloon
2-2 Workshop 2 Ball
2-3 Special Lecture 1 About Common Sense (Lecturer: Takeshi Inamura)
2-4 Special Lecture 2 Expressing Waves (Lecturer: Yoichi Otabe)

Part 3 Feeling with the Body
3-1 Workshop 1 Feeling the Center of Gravity
3-2 Workshop 2 Feeling the Tempo
3-3 Lecture Feeling the “Movement”
Column: Theater Games

Part 4 Finding Poses
4-1 Workshop Drawing “Thumbnails”
4-2 Real Example: Examples of Thumbnails Drawn in Workshop
4-3 Lecture 1 Tips for Drawing Thumbnails
4-4 Lecture 2 “Key Poses” and “Breakdowns”

Part 5 Creating Acting
Steps to Create Acting – Four Steps
5-1 Workshop Walking
5-2 Lecture 1 Creating Acting
5-3 Lecture 2 Natural Walking
5-4 Special Lecture 1 Turning Rough Drawings into Three-Dimensional Drawings (Lecturer: Nobuo Tomizawa)
5-5 Special Lecture 2 Thinking About Natural Acting in Animation (Lecturer: Hiroyuki Okiura)

Part 6 Education at Animation Boot Camp
What Is “Animation Boot Camp”?
Interview: OB/OG Interview 1 (Akiko Gyono)
Interview: OB/OG Interview 2 (Yasutaka Akama)
Symposium: 10 Years of Animation Boot Camp (Toshiyuki Inoue / Yoshihiro Komori / Ryotimo / Akiko Gyono / Takashi Takeuchi / Tarté Yamamura)
Roundtable Discussion: Considering Animation Education from an International Perspective (Cedric Herole / Takashi Takeuchi / Takeshi Inamura / Tarté Yamamura)

Movie List
Appendix: Flipbook Collection

Release Date:
March, 2024

Author profile

Koji Takeuchi

Co-director of the Animation Boot Camp. Animation producer, Festival Director of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival. Born in 1953. Joined Nippon Animation Co., Ltd. in 1976. In 1980, he transferred to Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd. Former President of Telecom Animation Film. Has been serving as the Festival Director of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival since 2016. His representative works include “3000 Leagues in Search of Mother” (1976), “Rascal the Raccoon” (1977), “Future Boy Conan” (1978), “Anne of Green Gables” (1979), “Jarinko Chie” (1981), “Sherlock Hound” (1984-85), and “Little Nemo” (1989).

Koji Takeuchi’s books

Takeshi Inamura

Animator. Affiliated with Production I.G. Joined Shin-Ei Animation Co., Ltd., where he was responsible for animation and animation checking, then joined Studio Ghibli in 1991.

Since then, he has worked on original drawings for Ghibli films and has been involved up to the present through Studio Ponoc. His main works include “Spirited Away” (2001, original drawing), “The Cat Returns” (2002, assistant animation director), “Howl’s Moving Castle” (2004, animation director), “Tales from Earthsea” (2006, animation director), “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” (2008, assistant animation director), “From Up on Poppy Hill” (2011, animation director), “The Wind Rises” (2013, original drawing), “When Marnie Was There” (2014, assistant animation director), “The Boy and the Beast” (2015, original drawing), “Your Name.” (2016, original drawing), “Mary and The Witch’s Flower” (2017, animation director), “Belle” (2021, original drawing), “How Do You Live?” (2023, original drawing), and “Raja from the Attic” (2023, original drawing), among others.

Takeshi Inamura’s books

Taruto Fuyama

Co-director of the Animation Boot Camp. Professor at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, specializing in animation. Doctor of Philosophy.

Has been producing animation works since the 1990s. Started developing animation production devices in the 2000s, conducting experiential exhibitions and workshops at museums and science museums both in Japan and abroad.

The developed stop-motion app “KOMA KOMA” is widely used in elementary and junior high school classes, expanding the base of animation education. Also developed the line test tool “KOMA CHECKER” and the app “KOMA OTO” that allows for stop-motion with sound, among others.

Secretary-General of the Japan Society for Animation Studies. Director of the Japan Animation Association. Director of the Japan Animation Education Network, a general incorporated association.

Taruto Fuyama’s books

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Koji Takeuchi, Takeshi Inamura, Taruto Fuyama


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