Clothes and Accessories Made from Old Kimonos from 1g = 0.5 JP Yen – Diy Soho – Miyo Yoshida

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Over 220,000 YouTube subscribers! Diy Soho Handmade Warehouse presents how to make clothes and accessories made of old fabrics easily, even for beginners.

In this book, you will learn how to buy, untie, wash, and sew old kimono fabrics with easy-to-understand explanations and photos.
Kimono fabrics have a fixed width, so once they are untied, sewing them is easier than sewing Western-style fabrics.

The author has also eliminated complicated methods of making kimonos to the utmost limit, making it easy even for beginners.

The lowest price for old kimono that the author bought as material at recycle stores and antique markets was 1g = 0.5 yen. Since a single kimono weighs less than 1 kg, some materials can be bought for less than 500 yen.

The work shown on the cover was also created using old materials purchased for 1,000 to 1,500 yen.

You can watch a video of how to make all of the pieces by reading the QR code!

● Includes a pattern for the collar, underarms, and other parts of the garment that can be used in various ways! The popular round-bottomed bag pattern from the video is also included.

[Table of contents]
Chapter 1: The Charm of Remaking Old Kimono
Chapter 2: Unwind, Wash, and Sew
Chapter 3: Making Clothes
Chapter 4: Making small items as well.”


Release Date:
March, 2022

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Miyo Yoshida

Born in 1950. Over 60 years of handmade history.
Her handmade is almost self-taught. After she was 40, she founded a production company for ballroom dancing and opera stage costumes, and she continues to this day.
In 2015, she started posting her videos on YouTube, hoping to leave her all the handicrafts she’s been familiar with since childhood to her grandchildren. She continues to post her videos without deciding on her general genre of handicraft, including sewing and knitting. She will actively start remaking kimono from around 2020. Currently, she has 226,000 subscribers (February 2022).

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Miyo Yoshida


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