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This is the first collection of paintings by the Japanese-style painter Yu Miyazaki, who suddenly appeared in the budding modern beauty painting boom.

The book features girls in neat and dainty kimono who adore the four seasons.
It also includes a conversation with Yasunari Ikenaga, a close ally of his in the field of beauty painting.

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October, 2022

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Yu Miyazaki

Born in Osaka, lives in Yamaguchi.
She studied Japanese painting on his own and has been attracting attention as a central figure in the modern beauty painting boom.
She won the 9th Adachi UKIYOE Grand Prize. She was selected for the Seed Yamatane Museum of Art Japanese Painting Award 2019.
She is in charge of the production of the paintings that appear in NHK’s “Ukiyo no Kaga,” a drama adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel “Ukiyo no Kaga.” The production process was introduced on NHK “Sunday Museum”.

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