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Yumiko Kamada, a senior hair and makeup artist at Shiseido.
Using her perspective and technique, which specializes in Japanese hair and makeup, the usual kimono will be reborn in a different atmosphere.

A book full of ideas and techniques to increase the number of drawers for your kimono hair and makeup!

The charm of kimono changes greatly with just one hair and makeup artist.
Depending on the hair and makeup, the kimono will show its original charm and will make the wearer even more attractive.

However, the problem for kimono lovers is that “hair and makeup tends to be a rut”.
If you want to wear a kimono, you want to have a hair and makeup that suits you. However, I can’t think of elaborate hair and makeup, and my hands aren’t very dexterous …
As a result, no matter which kimono you choose, you will end up with “usual hair and makeup” that uses only the techniques you can do, and you will fall into a rut.

Therefore, in this book, Yumiko Kamada expands her image from a single kimono and introduces a variety of unique hair and makeup.
We divide the image to be expressed into three categories, “classic”, “neo classic”, and “modern”, and propose various kimono hair and makeup.
Enjoy a world view that changes freely, from works that enjoy the classic atmosphere itself to works that are playful and incorporate trends.
We will also carefully explain the process and points so that you can do it yourself or leave it to the beautician.

In addition, many gorgeous hair and makeup works that you can enjoy the world of Yumiko Kamada are also posted!
You can get a lot of inspiration from the gorgeous photographs of the kimono-wearing models by famous kimono writers.

In addition, reverse lookup INDEX is also included so that you can find the kimono and hair and makeup that suits your needs.
By type of kimono, kimono artist, image expression, event situation, please find one that suits your needs, your current mood, and your own image.

■ Table of contents
Yumiko Kamada, the world of the latest creation

Perspectives and techniques for kimono hair and makeup by type
Classic / Neo Classic / Modern

Purpose-specific / reverse lookup INDEX
By type of kimono / By kimono artist / By image expression / By event / situation

Professional Technique Hair / Professional Technique Makeup

Release Date:
September, 2020

Author profile

Yumiko Kamada

Shiseido Senior Hair and Makeup Artist.
In 1987, he joined Shiseido at the same time he graduated from Shiseido’s hair and makeup academy “SABFA”. Belongs to Shiseido Beauty Creation Center.

He has worked on many advertisements, developed products and beauty methods, and trained beauty consultants. In addition, with his outstanding sense of expressing luxury and delicacy and his high technology, he also produces beauty for external companies.

Since 2010, he has been the general chief of hair and makeup for the fashion show “Fashion Cantata from KYOTO” where Japanese and Western modes co-star, and has also worked on hair and makeup for “JOTARO SAITO” and “TOKYO KIMONO COLLECTION in Nihonbashi” in the Tokyo collection.

Lecturer of Japan Formal Association, Lecturer of All Japan Wedding Beauty Association.

Yumiko Kamada’s Books

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Yumiko Kamada


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