Yokainoshima : Island of Monsters by Charles Freger

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Charles Freger’s second collection of works, following the masterpiece “WILDER MANN”, which is a collection of “Beastmen” that appear in traditional festivals in European countries. He named the Japanese archipelago a fictitious “YOKAI NO SHIMA” and covered 58 locations nationwide from Akita to the remote islands of Okinawa.

Powerful, bizarre, and beautiful “YOKAI” who are separated from the context of “festival” by photographers from the masked gods, visiting gods, and demons that are unique to Japan, such as fields, mountains, forests, and beaches. .. The awe and joy of nature that has been passed down from time to time overflows vividly.

Namahage (Akita prefecture), Toshidon, (Kagoshima prefecture), Amamehagi (Ishikawa prefecture), Disaster demon (Oita prefecture), Naked Kasedori (Miyagi prefecture), Kasedori (Yamagata prefecture), Water cover (Miyagi prefecture), Saotome ( Miyagi Prefecture), Meharukoma (Niigata Prefecture), Kurooni (Fukuoka Prefecture), Garappa (Kagoshima Prefecture), Oita Drum Flower Karai (Nagasaki Prefecture), Boze (Kagoshima Prefecture), Pantu (Okinawa Prefecture), etc.

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July, 2016

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Charles Freger

1975 –
Born in France. He majored in art at the Rouen Academy of Fine Arts. From the beginning, she has consistently pursued portrait photography, capturing social groups such as athletes, students and soldiers from a poetic and anthropological perspective.

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