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In the early 90’s, Kyoichi Tsuzuki released a masterpiece” TOKYO STYLE “that shot the rooms of unknown people and showed the reality of young people and life. In this book, nearly 30 years have passed, and the culture that symbolizes Japan today. He photographed one of them, “Idol”, and the the fan’s room.

The idol Sengoku period was brilliant, and I started interviewing in 2014, and it was shot for 5 years.
A room with more than 50 idols living in the gap between the truth and a room for fans who support the world in which they live.

There is a “real” that no one has ever seen in the appearance of selected people illuminated by fluorescent lights instead of spotlights and psylliums!

[Idols appearing]
Ai Negishi (PASSPO ☆)
Pour Lui (BiS)
mei (Lyrical School) MIRI (Rhymeberry)
Good luck! Victory
Yuzuka Hayashi (predia)
There Theres (BELLRING Girl Heart)
Karin (Alice in Alice)
Kanamil (Good night hologram)
Minori (Manaminorisa)
Megumi Hinata (Qam)
Nayuta Hoshi (Avandoned)
Risa Satosaki
Marin Hoshizono (Aoyama ☆ Saint Hachamecha High School)
Yumiru (GLITTER ☆)
Chiharu Aoki & Haruna Uraya (WHY @ DOLL)
Mitsunashi Aizawa (Hauptharmonie)
Haruna Ichinose (just a girl)
Ichiho Shirahata (Theatrical Version Gokigen Empire)
Yuuka Naruse (tipToe).
Emi Arisaka
Chiaki Mayumura
・ (・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・)
Karin Shirakawa
Mao (Senosister) Yoneko
Rino Oishi
Marina Kojima (Mirai Skirt)
erica (Electric Ribbon)

* Group names, stage names, etc. are as of the time of the interview, and are currently subject to change due to withdrawal, etc.

Release Date:
January, 2021

Author profile

Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1956. After editing both “POPEYE” and “BRUTUS” magazines, he edited and wrote 102 volumes of contemporary art, “ArT RANDOM” (Kyoto Shoin), and Shinro Ohtake’s work “SO” (UCA), in the fields of art and design. Continue the activity. In 1993, he announced “TOKYO STYLE”, a collection of living spaces in Tokyo. Received the Kimura Ihei Award for “Rare Japan Travelogue” in 1996.

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