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Let’s stop deceiving foreigners who don’t know anything with the image of the beautiful Japanese space where the media hangs down. The true “Tokyo style” that we actually live in and live in is like this!

I wonder how many of us live in the interiors that appear in gorgeous photo books and thick magazines. But I know a lot of people who live comfortably in a small room.

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March, 2003

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Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Born in Tokyo in 1956. After editing both “POPEYE” and “BRUTUS” magazines, he edited and wrote 102 volumes of contemporary art, “ArT RANDOM” (Kyoto Shoin), and Shinro Ohtake’s work “SO” (UCA), in the fields of art and design. Continue the activity. In 1993, he announced “TOKYO STYLE”, a collection of living spaces in Tokyo. Received the Kimura Ihei Award for “Rare Japan Travelogue” in 1996.

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