The Art of Drawing the Best Buildings and Cities

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Architectural professionals x illustrations, manga and anime professionals = invincible backgrounds. The magazine “Architectural Knowledge” has enhanced the background paintings and perspectives created from the unique perspective of an architectural magazine and made it into a book.

“It becomes a background like Haribote”
“I want to refer to the actual building, but I don’t know the name of ‘that part’, so I can’t look it up!”
“The character floats out of the background”
“I can’t draw stairs and roofs!” etc.
The problem can be solved with knowledge of architecture.

People who are good at drawing have excellent information gathering ability and observation eyes. If you want to draw realistic buildings and cityscapes, the best shortcut is to know what rules the actual architecture is made of.

This book introduces tips for drawing realistic buildings and towns from both “architectural knowledge” and “expression techniques”.
From the interior of the living room and Japanese-style room, the difference between wooden and reinforced concrete exteriors, the way lighting is arranged, the structure of each part of the roof and windows, and the rules when they shape the city, Shinto shrines, the Edo period, and schools. This book has summarized the dimensions, names, and knowledge you need to know if you want to express buildings, including situations other than houses, from various angles.

Of course, the basics of perspective and composition, types of perspective, how to add shadows and colors, how to arrange motifs, etc. are also full of drawing tips that enhance the appeal of illustrations.
If you expand the range of both “knowledge” and “expression” with this one book, the background image is nothing to be afraid of!

Illustrations, animations, 3D models, presentation perspectives, novels… A must-see for all creators. It is a permanent preservation version of the useful “strongest background painting” technique collection.

[Introducing some of the gorgeous writers (honorific titles omitted)]
Artist / Mateusz Urbanowicz (“Your name” background art, art book “Tokyo at Night”, etc.)
Background graphic designer: Seiji Yoshida (“Houses with a story”, etc.)
Concept Artist / Yo Shimizu (“A book that makes you better at drawing”, “How to draw character backgrounds”, etc.)
Manga artist / Sumito Oowara (“Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!”, etc.)
Illustrator: Fuzichoco (“colorful world – SAIGENKYO”, “Gokusai Shoujo Sekai”, etc.)
Animation art setting: Yuho Taniuchi (“Tokyo Revengers”, “Attack on Titan”, etc.)
Manga Assistant / MAEDAX (Assistant Background Bijuku Jukucho, “MAEDAX Background Moe!” etc.)
Painter: Honami Enya (“Illustration of Sento (public bath)” “Just like after a bath, feel relieved”)
Cartoonist / Miyuki Tonogaya (“Dandara rice” “Ice attribute boy and cool colleague girl” etc.)
First-class architect / Kei Endo (Hotel Sketch)
Illustrator / Nonohara (#moe architecture, game “Calm of Cliff”, etc.)
Architectural illustrator / Masaaki Yamada (Former manager of Nikken Sekkei Illustration Studio)
and many others

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May, 2023

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