SCULPTORS06 [Special feature]The Art of Movement

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SCULPTORS is the sixth volume in the “SCULPTORS” series, featuring seasonal works and cutting-edge techniques from the most formidable creators in the genres of figures, games, commercials, movies, and art.

The sixth volume in the “SCULPTORS” series brings together the latest works and cutting-edge techniques from the most talented creators in the figure, game, commercial, film, and art genres. It also includes many photos of clay molds that cannot be seen before they are made into products, how-to’s on the production process, and design theories. This issue focuses on the theme of “sculpting in motion,” with a comprehensive feature on body expression, center of gravity, poses, silhouettes, and other aspects of movement.

Special Feature
The Art of Movement

Participating Artists
Ryu Ohyama, Takashi Tsukada, Masato Ohata, Inorisama, Yoshiki Fujimoto, K, Shokubutu Shojo-en/Sakurako Iwanaga, MICHIRU imai, Hiroki Hayashi, Souichi harigiri, Mitsumasa Yoshizawa, Entei Ryu, Susuki Touno, Milo, Mattuk, Natsuki Manabe [CREA MODE], sai, Shining Wizard @ Sawachika, Yuma, Tanno Hajime, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki, Kouran Kikuchi, Shin Tanabe, Shinzen Takeuchi, 面球儿, Hiroshi Tagawa

[Serial] Takayuki Takeya, Recommendation of Mouso Design.

[Illustration] popman3580

Release Date:
February, 2022

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