360°BOOK Earth and the Moon – Yusuke Oono

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The elaborate and magnificent world that weaves space is reproduced in 360 ° BOOK.
This book is an epoch-making book that expresses the three-dimensional world devised by the author  Yusuke Oono who is also an architect in an unprecedented way.

When you open the book in a circular motion, a three-dimensional diorama appears in a blink of an eye.
The delicately designed series of pages invites you to the world of 2D to 3D.

Japanese / English commentary included

Release Date:
September, 2016
Japanese & English

Author profile

Yusuke Oono

Born in 1983 in Germany. Oono graduated from the University of Tokyo in the Department of Architecture and went on to graduate school to complete a Master of Architecture degree. He is a recipient of an Art Directors Club of New York award and many other awards.
Oono works primarily as an architect but is also active in other related fields including interior and product design and art installation.

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Yusuke Oono


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