SCULPTORS05 – 2021 Autumn [Feature]Painting and texture

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This book is a collection of seasonal works and cutting-edge techniques of the creators who have the most modeling power in the genres of figures, games, commercials, movies, and art.
This issue features “Painting and texture” that determines the reality of modeling and “painting” that brings life to life. Sculptors and finishers comment and lecture on textures, painting techniques.

The beginning is the clay modeling making of the topical work “Kuroryu Miraboreas” by Mr. Ryu Oyama. In addition, a new serialization by Takayuki Takeya has also started.

Full of newly created and original works by up-and-coming artists, both analog and digital. Includes a large number of clay prototype photographs that cannot be seen at the stage of commercialization, how-tos in the production process, and design theory.

[Special feature]
Fill and texture

[Participating artists]
Ryu Oyama, MICHIRU imai, Keiki Fujimoto, Botanical Girl Garden / Sakurako Ishinaga, Sagata Kick, Masato Ohata, Hiromi Hayashi, Juanjuan, MIDORO, Miscanthus sinensis, Soichi Harigiri, Matsuku, Keisuke Yoneyama, Shinzen Takeuchi

[Finisher special feature]
Takenori Yatake, MA Man, Katsushige Akiyama, Wang Yi Wen, Keigo Murakami, Norifumi Dohi (corrupt dog), Hiroshi Tagawa, Narumi, Karinto, n brother

[Introduction illustration] Kinako

Release Date:
September, 2021

Author profile

Philippe Weisbecker

Born in 1942. An artist based in Paris and Barcelona. He has many activities in Japan such as advertisements and exhibitions.

He stayed at the French government’s artist-in-residence program “Villa Kujoyama” (Kyoto) for four months and drew a collection of carpentry tools “HAND TOOLS” and “Philippe Weisbecker Works” which is the culmination of his activities so far. Many publications such as “in progress”.

Philippe Weisbecker’s Books

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