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Junichi Nakahara’s first style book with life-size patterns for adults.

This book recreates patterns based on the design drawings and drafts featured in popular serials “Soreiyu Pattern” and “Junior Soreiyu Pattern” from the magazines “Soreiyu” and “Junior Soreiyu”, which were launched by Junichi Nakahara during the Showa era. These patterns have been re-drafted to fit modern body shapes. The book contains 10 patterns in total.

Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, LL.

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June, 2023

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Junichi Nakahara

He was born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1913. In the early Showa period, he gained popularity as a celebrated illustrator for the girls’ magazine “Shojo no Tomo”. Shortly after the war, in 1946, he launched his own women’s magazine “Soreiyu”, followed by the publication of “Himawari”, “Junior Soreiyu”, and others.

His influence extended beyond magazines; he was a leading figure in a wide range of fields in Japan, including fashion, illustration, hair and makeup, doll art, and interior design. His superior sense and timeless message continue to capture the hearts of people today, and he is still popular and supported by a wide range of generations.

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