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“Zero Tiger”, “Super Combination II”, “Dynamite”, “Fever”, etc. From legendary star machines to tables known to those in the know!
Everything about the “Golden Age of Pachinko” where tens of millions of fans were enthusiastic.

[Main contents]
◎ Hanemono
“Zero Tiger”
“King Star” “Red Lion” “Harley Suisei Robo Q”
“Baseball PART2” “Big Shooter” “Lucky Cat”
“Spanky” “The Tokio” “All Star II” “Magic Carpet I”
“Makai-gumi” “Great Cannon I” “Pachinko Grand Prize 13” “Mochiagetai”
“Mr. Fall 13” “New Monroe” “Thunder Dragon GP”
“Tanukichi-kun 2” “Fine Play” “Tama-chan Fight” “Quartet”
“Monster I” “Stadium” “Super Brothers 11” “Factory”

◎ One-shot stand
“Super Combination II”
“Elex Thunderbird 13” “Parallel” “Prism” “Cupit”
“Pandora D” “Seiya” “Big Wave I” “Megatron”
“Starlight II” “Beta” “Justy” “Circus” “Anniversary”
“Missile 7-7-6D” “Magnum” “Curtis” “Tumbler”
“Big Porter” “Cup in” “YYY” “Atom II”
“Fairy” “Cyclone” “Oiri”

◎ Electric service / rights
“Battle Ace” “Cosmo Alpha” “Grand Hawk”
“American Dream P1” “Time Shock I” “Fruit Punch”
“Alegin” “Excite” “Carnival” “Golden Ballerina”
“Soldier” “Rhapsody” “CR Gingira Paradise” “Milky Bar”
“Nana Sea” “Magical Lamp” “Space Baron”
“Elex Typhoon 13” “Hard Rock II” “Cutie Bunny”
“Legend of the Game” “Oaks 2”

◎ Digipachi
“New Fever 82” “Elex Rookie Z” “Idol Seven”
“Lucky Bravo” “Captain Rookie” “Laser Spacey B”
“New Panic” “Sleep PART3” “New Big Seven Part.4”
“Dream X” “New Playing Cards 2” “Maira Nozomi Goku II” “Mahjong Story”
“Fever Powerful III” “Fever Queen II” “Tsunatori Monogatari”
“CR flower in full bloom” “CR Huangmen Chama” “CR Monster House”
“CR Carpenter’s Source” “CR Shinkai Monogatari” “Bravo 10”
“Super Seven PART I” “Mr. Comedy” “Fever Gold I”
“Funky Seven” “Fever Flash I” “Fever Lexus V”
“Bravo Kingdom” “Excite Jack 2” “Escape 2”
“Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” “Derby Story”

◎ 100 views of Showa pachinko parlors
・ Challenger Satte shop
・ Gifu Retro Museum

Release Date:
December, 2017

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Ulala Imai

Ulala Imai was born in 1982, Kanagawa, Japan. She is a graduate of Tama Art University, Tokyo. She lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan. Select recent solo exhibitions include Lovers, Union Pacific, London (2020), March, Oil Gallery, Tokyo (2020), Project N. 78, Tokyo Opera CityGallery, Tokyo (2020), Lovers, XYZ Collective, Tokyo (2019).

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