Creatures and illustrations-From character design to book making by Chiharu Sakazaki

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Suica’s Penguin, Kakukaku, Shikajika, Chiba-kun
Loved by all generations, such as Kuunell
Chiharu Sakazaki, who has produced numerous illustrations.

Illustrations depicting attractive “living things”
Featuring characters, tips and points on how to draw,
How to see the production process, living things, how to make an illustration
Plenty of techniques and thoughts, such as whether to drop it
It is one book.
It has been 20 years since I started working as a picture book writer and illustrator.
It also includes many works and newly drawn illustrations that I have worked on so far.
It is a spectacular content.

【table of contents】

CHAPTER 01 Ikimono Illustration Gallery
PART1-Suica Penguin
PART2-Penguins work
# 02 DOG (dog)
# 03 CAT (cat)
# 04 RABBIT (Rabbit)
# 05 MANY KINDS (many types)
# 06 PERSONIFICATION (personification)
# 07 SPECIAL PRESENT (Fun pose large set! / Ikimono fashion show)

CHAPTER 02 Three commitments to draw living things
# 01 Simple and simple
# 02 Well-balanced anthropomorphism
# 03 Basically a quiet look

CHAPTER 03 Production process of living things
# 01 Character design
“Welcome to Black and White” production process
# 02 Picture book 1
Production process of “Penguins’ Okamono” and “Penguins’ Yuenchi”
Picture book 2
The production process of “Let’s see”
# 03 Book
Production process of “Rabbit Bingo”
# 04 Cover / cover / text illustration
The production process of “This mystery is amazing!”

Chiharu Sakazaki work list
# 01 Character design
# 02 Picture book & photo book
# 03 Book & serialization
# 04 Cover / cover / text illustration (books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
# 05 Character related products
# 06 Exhibition / Group Exhibition / Special Exhibition

Release Date:
April, 2018

Author profile

Chiharu Sakazaki

Picture book artist / illustrator Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Design. After working as a designer in the stationery maker production room, she started working as a freelance illustrator and picture book writer in 1998.

In 2001, she started character production for various companies and organizations, triggered by the character design of JR East’s IC card “Suica Penguin”.

In addition, she has published more than 40 works as a picture book writer. She is also involved in writing essays, designing books and magazines, and drawing illustrations.

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