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The up-and-coming creator makura kurama who has recorded more than 110,000 likes for the short story “Mysterious Antique Shop” “Pest Doctor and Deer” announced on Twitter in 2018. The long-awaited commercial debut.

Please enjoy the dazzling illusionary fantasy story spelled out in short cartoons and color illustrations including the newly drawn “White Man”.

A blue door that quietly stands at the end when turning a dark road and entering the narrow alley. It seems that today customers are looking for something. A mysterious antique shop that connects two worlds, front and back. The store owner’s sister and brother accept various orders to meet the customer’s needs.

Recording short manga
1. Plague doctor and deer
2. Twins who love each other
3. Morpho Boy
4. Alone Banksia
5. A young man who fell in love with a doll
6.2 Mary
7. Mermaid and the quiet sea 8. White man
9.31 October

Release Date:
November, 2019

Author profile

Makura Kurama

Up-and-coming creator. Raised in Kansai and lives in Kanto. I live with a human skeleton model in a small room. Not only digital, but also analog painting materials such as oil paintings are used together to create works.

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