Sketch coloring book – Beautiful water city of the world

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A coloring series for people who want to make illustrations a hobby but are not good at drawing from scratch.The theme of this time is “City of Water” in the world.

From the famous world heritage sites such as Venice and Mont Saint-Michel to the oriental scenery such as the floating market in Damnoen de Sawak, you can enjoy the beautiful waterfronts of the world as coloring books.

The sample coloring and a little painting technique are also posted, so it is safe for beginners.

You can frame your work and keep it if you separate it along the lines on the coloring page.

[List of published works]
(1) London, Thames Tower Bridge, London
(2) Denmark Copenhagen
(3) Kinderdijk, the Netherlands
(4) Netherlands Giethoorn
(5) Dutch Autonomous Territory Curacao
(6) Czech Cesky chrome full
(7) France Paris, Seine river
(8) France Mont Saint Michel
(9) Switzerland Bern, Aare river
(10) Italy Positano
(11) Italy Burano Island, Venice
(12) Italy Venice, Rialto Bridge
(13) Italy Portofino
(14) Greece Santorini
(15) Turkey Pamukkale
(16) Thailand Damnund Sawak
(17) Bak Dan Road, Hoi An, Vietnam
(18) China Hong Kong, Star Ferry
(19) Japan Fukuyama, Tomonoura

Release Date:
April, 2020

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Makoto Wada

Born in 1936. Passed away in October 2019. Graduated from Tama Art University’s design (current design) department. In 1959, joined the design company Light Publicity.
Since 1968, he has been active as a freelance designer and illustrator, working in a wide range of genres.

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