MAGALI’s Wardrobe to Wear with Care

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This is the second volume of MAGALI’s popular book on clothes with a sweet spice added to a somewhat nostalgic classicism. It introduces how to make year-round clothes to be cherished for both everyday and special occasions.

Includes 21 classic archival and new pieces such as blouses, dresses, pants, and coats.

*S/M/L/2L full size patterns are included.

Release Date:
March, 2023

Author profile

Eriko Somura (MAGALI)

After working as a textile maker and a buyer of antique clothing in Europe, She became independent. Based on comfortable materials such as linen, cotton, and wool, the sophisticated design that makes you feel classical and nostalgic like antiques is popular.

Based on the brand concept of “clothes that you can love forever”, She pursue pattern design and make it with care.

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Eriko Somura


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