Yumiko Kamada

Yumiko Kamada

Shiseido Senior Hair and Makeup Artist.
In 1987, he joined Shiseido at the same time he graduated from Shiseido’s hair and makeup academy “SABFA”. Belongs to Shiseido Beauty Creation Center.

He has worked on many advertisements, developed products and beauty methods, and trained beauty consultants. In addition, with his outstanding sense of expressing luxury and delicacy and his high technology, he also produces beauty for external companies.

Since 2010, he has been the general chief of hair and makeup for the fashion show “Fashion Cantata from KYOTO” where Japanese and Western modes co-star, and has also worked on hair and makeup for “JOTARO SAITO” and “TOKYO KIMONO COLLECTION in Nihonbashi” in the Tokyo collection.

Lecturer of Japan Formal Association, Lecturer of All Japan Wedding Beauty Association.

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