Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils Dictionary – Select Set 36 Colors

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This is a set of 36 original colors collected from nature, which are suitable for scenes depicting popular motifs such as flowers, animals, and mountain landscapes, and which only a color dictionary can provide.

【New 10 colors】Hiiro, Tamagoiro, Tosaiiro, Shinkai, Yamaubudou, Anemone, Botaniro, Azukiiro, Sumiiro (squid ink), Ginsumi (silver rat).
(Fawn color)

【Existing colors] Kojika-iro, Shibukami-iro, Tsurigane-so, Coral-iro, Suisen, Lilac, Amai-iro, Cherry, Mikan-iro, Dandelion, Lapis lazuli, Iris-iro, Black

【Case】Paper case

【Accessories】Mini sharpener/Mini conjugation dictionary

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July, 2018

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Tombow Irojiten

Beautifully crafted colored pencils with soft lead produces rich, creamy texture and smooth even blending. High quality wax-based, artist grade pencils. Easily layer colors without waxy build-up. Wide range of vivid to soft colors – including fluorescent colors. 3 volumes per set, 10 colors per volume, 30 colors per set. Three unique sets available: Rainforest, Woodlands and Seascape

Tombow Irojiten’s series

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